Thinking of delving into the wonderful world of yoga? There is very little that you actually need to start your practice, however, there are some things that you may want to consider that will help you to form your new hobby into a sustained practice that you can get the most out of!


If you’re going to start attending a local yoga class, there will likely be some equipment available for you to use. A mat, bands, and blocks are the most commonly used yoga props, with some classes also providing small cushions that can be great for an even more soothing savasana, or a comfortable seat. The most basic mats are incredibly cheap, it can be nice to invest in your own; you know it’s always clean and you’ll never have to select from the worst mats that remain when you’re the last to arrive at class! Another benefit of owning a mat is that you can use it to practice at home too – although if you really want to keep it simple, even a towel will do the job! It just might be a bit of a slippery practice.


Yoga doesn’t require very much in terms of clothing – you could do it in your pajamas! But if attending a public class, you may prefer to stick to a pair of leggings and a gym top or comfortable t-shirt, anything that you can move in is suitable for yoga. If you find yourself slipping in ‘downward facing dog’ you might also want to consider a pair of yoga socks, which have rubber gripping on the soles to help your feet stay put and keep you stable.

Home or Class?

Consider whether you want to attend a group class or build your practice at home. If yoga is completely new to you, a class – whether group or private – is probably the safest place to start. This way you’ll have a bit of guidance to make sure that you’re settling into the different poses (or asanas) correctly. Once you’ve got the basics, you could download an app and build on your practice as often as you like, and for the length of time that works for you! This can be a great way to fit yoga into a busy routine, and a great way to help you get the most out of any classes that you attend – you’ll arrive having spent some time practicing alone to build muscle, flexibility, and familiarity with asanas.

Make it a Habit

To get the most out of yoga practice you’ll need to maintain it. Make sure that any yoga class you’re looking to join in affordable, easy for you to get to and fits in with your day – this way you won’t have an excuse to not go! Learn about yoga and it’s benefits to understand everything that you can get from a steady practice and motivate you to keep going.

Above everything else, enjoy yourself! If a class really isn’t working for you don’t give up, but do find another teacher or have a try at an alternative style of yoga. You can choose from vinyasa, hatha, yin, restorative, aerial, and more, so what works for your friend may not suit your needs at all. Notice how yoga makes you feel, and soon enough you won’t be able to resist whipping out your mat whenever you have a spare 5 minutes!

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