The word fitness can have a variety of meanings to different people. For some, it can be intimidating, while for others it is more like second nature. So what makes fitness important and does it have to be intense and intimidating? The answer is actually quite simple. Fitness must become a part of your lifestyle.

Fitness affects not only your physical strength and wellness but also your emotional and relational strength and wellness. When you set time aside to exercise and workout, not only will your body start feeling better, but you will feel better about yourself as well. You will be more energetic and have a more positive view of life. Fitness will help strengthen these three main areas:

Physical strength to help you as you press through the day. Fitness will give you more energy and help you accomplish more tasks. It also helps build the endurance to push your physical body which allows you to be more productive.

Emotional strength is built from feeling better about yourself. Fitness gives you a sense of accomplishment. You will begin to feel more secure about the way you look and perceive yourself. Having a routine fitness schedule will change the way you feel about life.

Relational strength is last but definitely not the least affected by fitness. Without taking time for yourself to work on your physical fitness, you will not have the strength you need to accomplish your task and work on the relationships you have. Fitness gives you the strength and energy to have more time to spend with those people important in your life.

Fitness does not have to be hard but it must become a habit and priority. We make time for what is important to us. Having a scheduled fitness time will not only affect the way you feel physically but will also ultimately have an effect on those relationships around you. So start small if you have to and slowly work your way up to full workouts. Your lifestyle will be changed by a consistent fitness routine.

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